Thursday, July 25, 2013

And don't forget our THIRD TUESDAY events!

BDSMixers to start an hour earlier and expanding later!

Since the buffet closes down at 9, the venue doesn't refill it after 8.45. To accommodate the hungry, we are going to shift the start of the munch to 6 pm. Please remember no one is obligated to show up at any exact moment, as this is very casual. You won't miss any big announcements or anything! PROMISE!
Also since so many people wanted to stay on after 10 pm, but wanted to go watch the girls more closely - I was thinking of having us a section of seating reserved right by the stage. I could easily arrange this with the club. They are very accommodating of most of my requests.
Hopefully August's Mixer should have it's own bartender. Since July was our first month, I needed to prove to them that I was bringing as many folks as I promised. 67 people attending showed them these are going to rock the house.
Thank you again for coming out and supporting this mixer.
We are thinking of starting another one up at a different bar for some variety. So watch this group for updates about that and other news soon!

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