Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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WOW! So many people asking about all the different groups! They were coming out of the woodwork looking for the community tonight! I hope they reach out to all the groups I told them about, even though so many were unable to make it...maybe it was the rain??? hahahaha...either way, you might want to save the date next month!

I have to admit, I've been keeping a secret. Deep down inside me hidden below where my black little heart lives I've been living with a small amount of fear that maybe everyone responded but as a joke and no one was going to show up!

67 people made it out even with the rain! On a Tuesday no less!!

Annnnnnnnnnd eight people got tested! Our PP rep, Jack, says those are very good figures. He was prepped for 50 but expected about three, so he was beaming when he left. Thank you for making him feel so welcome tonight. It is great to see that others are excited to have Planned Parenthood as the charity of choice. They are also going to be major sponsors of this event.

Some of you who know me, know that last years HPEP board experience was exhausting for me...I'd come off of munches absolutely drained...but not tonight! TONIGHT I FEEL ALIVE AND REJUVENATED! This was the first time I branched out on my own without a Organization or a Leather Family backing me, and you came! You had fun! Hell, some of you are still having fun!

I wish I could hug and kiss every single one of you! If I didn't get much time with you tonight, I truly hope to remedy that the next time we cross paths ~

Which could easily be on The Third Tuesday of each month, huh?

Next month's challenge - get everyone to bring a friend so we can just take over the whole damn venue downstairs after 10 pm!!!!

And I promise before next month's event, I will go and talk to each of the strippers. They didn't understand we really wanted them to come dance on our stage. I will fix that easily enough. Seems the lowered music freaked them out. This is easily repaired with some simple communication!

Check out these reviews!

Lady_Aphy: about 10 hours ago
Michelle, Mrfixxit and I had a great time. In fact I have not had this much fun at a munch well since the early days of SAF's going to Nicks upstairs days.

Really folks if you didn't show up you should next time. There are a few things Michelle has to iron out but it wasn't her fault. The venue just didn't believe she could get that many people show up. WE FOOLED THEM.

I meet alot of new people and got to see some that I haven't seen in a long time.

Wow I'm still stoked. I even tipped the stripper on the main pole. She liked me, my breast will never be the

LuluannLuluann: about 2 hours ago
I'm taking off work next month, I don't wanna miss the next one!

PartTimeGentlManPartTimeGentlMan: about 1 hour ago
Thanks for letting me come out! Was a blast!

clearlakesubmclearlakesubm: about 1 hour ago
How about next week instead of next month?

Lord_MaXXimusLord_MaXXimus: 43 minutes ago
It was a hell of a good time!

by Kitten_clawed about 12 hours ago
I had a good night and always great seeing you and everyone else that I have met before.
Thank you ma'am!

CAPTAIN-MIDNIGHT: about 11 hours ago
~~~MFH Productions, strikes again......... another fun, fun, fun, time.
Great seeing some old faces, and meeting some new ones.
You are off the a great start Michelle,congrats and good to see you using your Degree.
I'm proud of you.

TheVelvetVenusTheVelvetVenus: about 11 hours ago
Thanks for the amazing evening! Just got home and there are STILL people at the club! What an amazing night meeting new people and seeing old friends. Thanks for putting this together!

MaggaliMagic wrote 1 minute ago:
You did AWESOME Michelle, cannot thank you enough for the Mixer! I felt at ease and was happy to put faces to names at last. -M

Austin24 wrote about 12 hours ago:
Thank you, for such a fun event Wicked-O-City!

capriciously_amy wrote about 2 hours ago:
Thank you for organizing a great night! Wonderful!!

spudboy1984 29M
Bellaire, Texas
written about 11 hours ago:
Michelle it was nice to meeet you.
I t was a pleasure to buy you a shot and talk and meet you briefly.
I'll definately join, attend and support whatever you have planned for me in the future. let me know if I have earned a friendy?

HerPrecious:  about 4 hours ago
I had a blast. Thank you for watching over me until I felt comfortable. It made all the difference in the world.

FencewoodStablesFencewoodStables: about 1 hour ago
We really enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun pimping pony play. It was a great venue for mixing (and the drinks were CHEAP). Thank you, Michelle, for putting this together- you did an awesome job. We're already looking forward to the next one.

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