Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here are examples of the online promotions currently being sent out on the web:

People already booked for the NOVEMBER EVENT ~ Winter Wickedocity 13: Something WICKED this way comes~

So much to tell you!
We have one of Houston's most amazing body artists working our event. ABC body art has helped me previously with Sinfests 07 and 08. I promote and try to go help her with her monthly events too. Want to know more and see images?
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During VIP, we will be blessed with the vocal talents of Miss Alexandria G. While young and externally beautiful, this voice can shut up the audience of an entire open mic night at venues as large as Fitzgeralds! [I know because I saw it myself.] Want to see more for yourself?
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This past week I worked out an offer with Giotto for a rope performance on the main stage. If you have not met this rope maker and bondage expert, you have really missed a nice guy. He hosts and teaches. To find out more about the parties and classes, buzz his profile at:
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If you haven't heard yet, I have also booked our headline burlesque performer for the evening! Mistress Genevieve is a native of Houston who left the small town and made it big out in LA CA. Feeling a loss of the South, she relocated to NO LA where she is one of the premiere professionals in the BDSM culture. Curious?
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I currently need to secure the Duck Pond for a performance. We have to go over details is all. Same goes for my talks with MsModesty and Gigi. But it does look like the bill is filling up pretty quickly!

If you are interested in performing at these events, please drop me a note. You will have a 15 minute/3 song performance limit. Your acts may not have penetration [self or of others] or full nudity. If you plan to go topless, you either need an official SOB license from Houston or you should have enough pasty to be bar legal.

Within the next week, I will release all interested parties the form letters I use as our agreement in responsibility and such.

What are Wickedocity Events?

Friday, November 29. 2013
Winter Wickedocity will be presented by MichelleFromHell upstairs at
CoverGirls Adult Entertainment Center
10310 Little York Rd, Houston, Texas 77041
Winter Wickedocity is the first in a series of quarterly fetish driven events.
Each will feature:
  • Performances representing various fetishes
  • Fashion shows from local designers
  • VIP Reception, Dungeon and Lounge
  • Gallery and reception of local artists
  • amazing music
  • beautiful venue
  • drink specials
  • and more!
Please send the Wickedocity profile a friend request if you wish to stay informed about all the events in our near future!
Dates and themes of scheduled future events:
- November 29, 2013 the Friday after thanksgiving - "Winter Wickedocity"
- Feb 14th, 2014 Friday - "Spring Sinsations"
- June 13th, 2014 Friday - "Hotter Than Hell"
- September 19th, 2014 Friday - "Fall Fetish Fantasy"
If you'd like to contact me on google my handle/email there is: